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Adria Manary has a unique blend of talents, which she is now devoting to helping individuals and companies reach their highest potential, while giving back to the world.  Her most recent endeavor is becoming the Editor-in-Chief of, a recent product of

Her book, Mommy Magic, has received rave reviews for over fifteen years, and hit the number one spot in the Parenting category on, as well as being a bestseller. Adria has made appearances on several national television shows, including as a parenting expert on MSNBC and The Balancing Act on the Lifetime Television Network.  She has also been interviewed on many local talk shows, such as Good Morning Oregon and Fox Morning News, as well as dozens of radio shows.  She has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including Women’s World Magazine and the front page of the Family section of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Adria has written four books: Kennedys –The Next Generation; Touched By A Rainbow; Mommy Magic (three editions); and Kids Hollywood Magic.  She is also a contributing author to Mentors Digest: Overcoming Obstacles; Who I Am Makes A DifferenceThe Heart of A Mother;The Heart of a Military Woman; Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover’s Soul; and The Ugly Truth about Small Business.

She also created and published the Washington Fun Times newspaper in our nation’s capital (nicknamed “The Alternative to Bad News!”) and has written numerous articles for other publications. She speaks nationwide on the subjects of parenting, life balance and how to keep the magic alive in your life―at home and at work. She also co-wrote the lyrics and melodies for her family music CD, Precious Souls. Although Adria is a woman of many talents who has held many impressive titles, her favorite and most important title will always be, “MOM.”